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Automobile Vision - Vehicle Interior

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Ambarella unveils new AI automotive camera chips

Automobile Vision - Vehicle Interior Patent Forecast®

January 9, 2020

Chip designer Ambarella has two new chips for automobile vision applications based on its CVflow architecture for artificial intelligence processing. The company started out as a maker of low-power-consumption video chips and has morphed into a maker of low-power artificial intelligence chips. Now with 760 employees, it is competing with the likes of Intel and Nvidia in that market. These new processors feature extremely low power consumption, which means they can be mounted in single-box, windshield-mounted forward ADAS cameras, but also in electronic mirrors with blind-spot detection (BSD), interior driver and cabin-monitoring cameras, and around-view-monitors (AVM) with parking assist. 

Ambarella has over 80 issued patents to-date and is interestingly pursuing a non-publication strategy and therefore only patenting in the US. However, since their acquisition of Italian machine vision company Vislab, they have been filing some patents in Italy, which requires 18-month publication.

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Patent US10518703  

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