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Automobile Vision - Vehicle Interior

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Stradvision to Give Drivers A/R Heads-up Display

Automobile Vision - Vehicle Interior Patent Forecast®

April 22, 2021

South Korea's Stradvision will provide its AI-powered A/R technology for Navigation and Lane Keeping Assistance Systems (LKAS) to a leading German automotive manufacturer.  StradVision did not name the manufacturer but said more than 40 vehicles models will be equipped in 2022. Who can this be? Audi? Mercedes-Benz? Volkswagen?  Maybe a clue can be found in a recent Stadvision patent. The glasses describe in U.S. Patent 10633007 for "Autonomous Driving Assistance Glasses That Assist In Autonomous Driving By Recognizing Humans' Status And Driving Environment Through Image Analysis Based On Deep Neural Network" would be a cool feature for drivers interested in a heads-up display (HUD) and would be an easy add-on to the LKAS. That leads us to think that a good bet will be a high-performance sports car manufacturer. Looking at the Automobile Vision: Image Recognition Patent Forecast®, we see that only one other company appears to be developing these glasses - BMW - as shown in the accompanying Patent Radian® . There are other companies investing in smart glasses for vehicles, but not necessarily with AI-powered A/R and image recognition. So if you are interested in this feature, you'd better place a pre-order with the leaders, Stradvision or BMW. Keep up with Automobile Vision: Image Recognition evolution on the Patent Forecast.

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent US10633007  

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