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8 New Cannabis Cultivars from Biotech Institute

Z-ARCHIVE-Cannabis Patent Forecast®

June 20, 2019

Eight new cannabis cultivar plant applications assigned to Biotech Institute were published this month with names like “Raspberry Punch” and “Primo Cherry.” Each cultivar displays unique qualities from new flavors, scents, and cannabinoid compositions. This adds to their patent portfolio which has 27 patents and applications dating back to 2014. Biotech institute is based in California and has broad cannabis utility patent claims that could technically encompass all strains of cannabis. Whether these claims are enforceable is another question that only time will answer. 

Relevant Patent Documents

Application US20190183004  

Application US20190183009  

Application US20190183006  

Application US20190183003  

Application US20190183005  

Application US20190183010  

Application US20190183008  

Application US20190183007  

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