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Engen Medical Exploring Treatments for Cannabis Intoxication

Z-ARCHIVE-Cannabis Patent Forecast®

July 20, 2019

It is no surprise that cannabis can induce negative side effects on its users such as anxiety or panic attacks, rapid heart rate, and paranoia, but is there a way to reduce or reverse these undesirable effects? Engen Medical Corporation was recently granted a patent (10350253) for an American Ginseng tabulated gum composition with claims of being able to combat cannabis intoxication. We first saw this application show up in July 2018 (2018/0193395). Engen released a trademarked gum called “MUNCHIES B GONE” in 2017 after partnering with Tetra Bio-Pharma for a distribution and supply agreement. This gum is said to help curb the hunger induced from using cannabis, and likely contains African seed extract as found in their application (2018/0099016) titled, “Use of African Seed Extract for Hunger Suppression.” Since the product is not FDA approved and is being sold as a supplement, there is no ingredients list to confirm this. Gum for cannabis intoxication could soon be released by the group. 

Relevant Patent Documents

Application US20180099016  

Patent US10350253  

Application US20180193395  

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Globe News Wire

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