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Harvard Alum Donates $9M to Cannabis Research - Largest Private Funding

Z-ARCHIVE-Cannabis Patent Forecast®

May 20, 2019

Charles R. Broderick donated $9 million to Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology towards research for understanding the health effects caused from using cannabis, especially psychologically. This is the largest private donation yet in the cannabis sector. Broderick hopes to put an end to the untried claims of the cannabis plant by initiating trusted public institutions to begin research projects for the cannabis plant. Broderick began investing in the cannabis industry in Canada in 2015, funding companies like Tweed Marijuana Inc. and Aphria Inc. Tweed currently holds one US Publication (2018/0258439) for a genetically modified cannabis plant with reduced THC content and increased CBD content as well as two patent cooperation treaty filings (WO2016095024 and WO2016189384) while Aphria did not appear to have any documents published.  

Relevant Patent Documents

Application US20180258439  

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