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Cannabis Compliance Made Easier

Z-ARCHIVE-Cannabis Patent Forecast®

November 14, 2019

Orange Photonics’ recently patented (10466216) LightLab cannabis concentration analyzer makes compliance a no-brainer. Packed into a rugged orange suitcase is your own portable lab comprising a chromatography and spectroscopy apparatus that can be loaded with dry and processed concentrate cannabis samples to analyze for concentration and cannabinoid profile. 

The LightLab unit is currently only sold in the US and Canada and for $13,500, a small cost when compared to losing an entire harvest of hemp due to it testing hot for THC. 

Already, there have been millions of hemp plants destroyed due to testing hot, with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection estimating nearly 12% of hemp samples having been failed.  

LightLab makes field testing an easy task to tackle for anyone without any prior chemistry knowledge. It can test for THC and CBD percent concentrations as well as many other cannabinoids to ensure cultivators are complying with regulations. 

Orange Photonics is currently assigned just this one patent which they have filed a PCT for as well.  

Laboratory, Analysis, Chemistry, Research, Chemist, Lab

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent US10466216  

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Orange Photonics

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