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New Cannabis Vaping Concentrate that Makes a Buzz

Z-ARCHIVE-Cannabis Patent Forecast®

March 26, 2020

WaxNax, of first recreationally-legal cannabis state Colorado, has applied for a patent (US Pub. No. 20200046675) for a cannabis vaping concentrate, but with a bit more buzz. 

WaxNax’s application mentions making vaporizable cannabis concentrates made from a preferred ratio of 35:1 cannabis concentrate to beeswax. Using beeswax as the solvent for the cannabinoid extract boasts a melting temperature of above 125 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The safety of vaping beeswax has yet to be determined, so it is not yet known whether this will make a better alternative than the dangerous vitamin E acetate. 

Bees, Pollination, Insect, Macro, Pollen, Honey, Animal

Relevant Patent Documents

Application US20200046675  

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