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Peer-to-Peer Cannabis Vaporizer to Ensure Safety of Users

Z-ARCHIVE-Cannabis Patent Forecast®

March 26, 2020

Cannabis vape patent behemoth Lunatech, LLC of Encino, California was granted a patent (US Pat. No. 10,564,655) for a peer-to-peer vaporizer that assesses the vaporized material and air being used. 

A peer-to-peer network among a plurality of vaporizers allows the vaporizers to communicate environment information along with vaporized material information to adjust vaporizer parameters accordingly. 

Lunatech has over 120 patent and patent applications in the “Devices - Vapes” category of Magic Number’s custom Cannabis Sector. To date, no actual products appear to be for sale. Subscribe to Magic Number to take a closer look at the cannabis sector patent scope using our proprietary Radian diagram.  

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent US10564655  

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