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Patent Granted for Enantiopure Cannabinoid Purification

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May 14, 2020

Flavor, fragrance, natural nutrition, and cosmetic ingredients solutions company Symrise had a patent (US Pat. No. 10,647,691) published this week for a method of purifying cannabinoids using enantiopure synthesis. An enantiomer is one of two molecules that is a mirror image of the other molecule. Obtaining an enantiopure solution is a daunting task but can ameliorate serious side effects caused by one of the mirror image molecules. 

Take for instance ibuprofen. It contains within it a roughly 50% enantiomer solution. One of the enantiomers has ill effects on the liver and gastrointestinal lining which is a reason why ibuprofen is recommended with food. Seractil and Motrin are both ibuprofen; however, you’ll realize the steep cost difference between them, and that is because Seractil is an enantiopure drug.

A study from the University of Toronto suggests that the same holds true for cannabinoid enantiomers - opening a gateway into therapeutics research left untouched.  

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Relevant Patent Documents

Patent US10647691  

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