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Lasers to Increase Cannabis Yield

Z-ARCHIVE-Cannabis Patent Forecast®

May 28, 2020

Farmers everywhere would love to increase their yield, especially with an easy implementation method like a fertilizer. B.K. Consultants Inc. has applied for a patent application (US Pub. No. 20200157017) for a fertilizer that can increase the Brix degree of a cannabis plant by at least 5%. 

Brix is a well-used measurement in the food and beverage industry and is a measure of how much sucrose is dissolved in a liquid. One degree Brix is defined as 1g of sucrose dissolved in a 100g solution. 

In patent application ‘017, it is described that a water, nutrient mix, or nutrient solution will be activated by a laser light to have deposited within it photoacoustic energy in a range of 0.05 to 5 milliwatt-minutes per liter. Application of photoacoustic energy is said to “...build or increase the free energy of chemical bonds within the nutrient solution,” which can help stimulate plant growth and development. 

Solutions like this fertilizer will be a farmer’s first go-to for increasing their cannabis production because it doesn’t fall under GMO and won't require more clearance to sell their harvest. You can explore more patents and applications for cannabis cultivation using the Magic Number Cannabis Patent Forecast® and searching under the ‘Cultivation - Farming’ category.

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Relevant Patent Documents

Application US20200157017  

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