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Canna-Bees: Treating Bee Diseases and Ailments with Cannabis

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June 18, 2020

Bees have unintentionally been negatively targeted by industrialization - from the wide scale use of insecticides to monoculture farming. To add to their decline, a parasite known as the Varroa destructor has wreaked havoc on population sizes, as well as viruses and stress. 

A patent (US Pat. 10,675,252) for a veterinary composition containing cannabinoids (THC or CBD) for treating bees was just issued and assigned to CannaB Cure Ltd. based in Israel. The veterinary composition may be in the form of a sprayer to spray the bee atmosphere or the bees themselves. Application can also take the form of an infused beeswax composition for the bees to use to build the honeycomb. 

While bees, and insects in general, do not have an endocannabinoid system like animals, the inventors of the patent, A. M. Eyal et al. have experienced an increase in the activity, brood cells, and honey production of their bees that were administered their veterinary composition rather than those that were issued nothing. 

Whether the honey produced by the bees contained cannabinoids or not wasn’t mentioned, but has already been done by PhytoPharma International (US Pat. 10,278,996), also an Israeli cannabis technology company. CannaB also has a patent (US Pat. No. 10, 617, 722)  for a honey containing cannabinoids. The cannabis industry continues to make strides and grow globally. Get ahead of your competition using competitive analysis with Magic Number’s Cannabis Patent Forecast®

Top View of Bees Putting Honey

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent US10675252  

Patent US10278996  

Patent US10617722  

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