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HOLY CRUNCH - Cultivar with a Punch

Z-ARCHIVE-Cannabis Patent Forecast®

June 25, 2020

Biotech Institute of West Lake, CA received another plant patent (PP31874) for a cannabis cultivar named ‘HOLY CRUNCH’, bringing Biotech to a total of 5 issued plant patents in the US. HOLY CRUNCH is characterized as having a maximum concentration of THC, CBD and CBG in the ranges of about 6.56-16.74%, about 6.49-15.28%, and about 0.25-1.87%, respectively. HOLY CRUNCH packs a THC punch with a concentration average that is almost twice the amount of the average concentration of THC in marijuana today (HowStuffWorks). 

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green plant in brown pot

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent USPP31874  

Article Source Link

Science: How Stuff Works

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