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Cannabis Meets Magic Mushrooms to Treat Psychological Disorders

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August 6, 2020

Psilocybin and psilocin are the active ingredients in magic mushrooms that elicit psychedelic effects on their user. The FDA recently described psilocybin as a "breakthrough therapy" in the treatment of major depressive disorder. 

Inventors at Procare Beheer of Netherlands have developed a psilocybin and/or psilocin formulation containing also cannabinoids. Specifically, CBD, CBDA, THCV, THCVA, CBC, CBCA, CBG, and CBGA may be included in the formulation. Some of these cannabinoids have shown promising results when studied in relation to neurocognitive function and regeneration

US Patent 10,729,706 assigned to Procare Beheer just issued and discloses using the mushroom-cannabis combination to prevent and treat psychological disorders. We first encountered the published application (US Pub. No. 20190350949) in November of 2019 in which a PCT was also sought. 

Patent ‘706 is the first issued patent for Procare Beheer. GW Pharmaceuticals is the most active assignee in filing for cannabinoid formulations to treat neurological disorders, especially epilepsy. In fact, it is such a hot area of innovation that we often see multiple filings in that area in a week - this week included. 

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory of Japan also received a patent (US Pat. 10,729,665) for treating neurological disorders, specifically epilepsy, using cannabinoids CBD, CBDV, THC, and THCV. 

As of now, GW Pharmaceuticals is the only company in the USA with FDA approval for a cannabinoid-based medication and as recently as July 31 received additional approval to use their Epidiolex CBD medication to treat tuberous sclerosis complex, a rare genetic disease, bringing them to a total of 3 treatable disorders. (Link other insight once approved)  

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Relevant Patent Documents

Patent US10729706  

Patent US10729665  

Application US20190350949  

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