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Oral Cannabinoid Patent Race

Z-ARCHIVE-Cannabis Patent Forecast®

October 29, 2020

Just this past week, six (6) patent applications (U.S. Patent Pub. Nos. 20200330339, '378, '423, '424, '425, & '602) were published in regards to oral cannabis compositions by five different companies: APIRx Pharmaceutical USA, LLC, ICD Pharma Ltd., MedCan Pharma A/S, PharmaCytics B.V., and NordicCan A/S

Cannabis is gaining popularity quickly with more people finding ways to incorporate it into their lifestyles. Not everyone will be willing to smoke dry cannabis products, giving way to the development of oral solutions - especially for the medical cannabis industry. 

Of the five assignees, APIRx Pharmaceuticals USA is the most active in cannabis composition filings right behind cannabis giants GW Pharmaceuticals plc and MannKind Corporation. The other four assignees will need to increase their filing activity if they want to become a leader in the space - or they could be like cannabis giant Aurora Cannabis Inc

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Relevant Patent Documents

Application US20200330423  

Application US20200330424  

Application US20200330339  

Application US20200330602  

Application US20200330425  

Application US20200330378  

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