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Cannabis Could Treat One of US’s Largest Threats

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November 19, 2020

The leading and fifth leading cause of death in the United States may have just met their match.

Indication BioScience LLC was granted its first patent (US Patent No. 10,835,501) in November of 2020 for a pharmaceutical composition containing a statin and a cannabinoid for treating high cholesterol - the US’s silent killer. Getting off to a great start, Indication BioScience filed a child patent application (US Patent Application No.17/075,586) on October 20, 2020, claiming priority to the recently granted ‘501 patent. This is beneficial since additional information can be included and claimed. In addition, Indication BioScience has filed a PCT application for the ‘501 patent, suggesting that they will also be exploring international markets.

Founded in 2016, Indication BioScience is an early-stage drug developer located in Colorado. Indication BioScience claims on its website that it wants to indicate and establish a portfolio of intellectual properties to license to larger pharmaceutical manufacturers. Who could be interested in its patent?

For starters, the major statin drug Lipitor is manufactured by Fortune 500 company Pfizer Inc. They could show interest in the statin-cannabinoid drug once it receives FDA approval. Currently, GW Pharmaceuticals plc is the only pharmaceutical company in the US with a FDA approved cannabis-derived drug. They are also the top patent holder in the cannabis sector. However, GW's drug is approved for treatment of three disorders not including high cholesterol. 

Indication BioSciences could one day be talked about alongside GW Pharmaceuticals if they continue along the path they are on. Magic Number will be following Indication BioScience as they mature in the cannabis sector.

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Patent US10835501  

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