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GAIACA Takes an Early Lead in the Cannabis Waste Category

Z-ARCHIVE-Cannabis Patent Forecast®

January 7, 2021

Cultivating cannabis comes with compliance requirements, but did you know disposal of cannabis waste also does? Since often the cannabis waste material contains cannabinoids, it must be disposed of in a compliant manner. That’s where GAIACA, LLC comes in. 

GAIACA is revitalizing cannabis waste. Cannabis waste can be collected from cannabis plant material, cannabis-infused products, mixed packaging, manufacturing byproducts, grow medium, contaminated disposables or contaminated cannabis waste. GAIACA’s patented method first separates waste by its source to combine into a blend consisting of portions of these waste types. The blend is pulverized into the size of a rice grain and heated to denature the cannabinoids within it as well as sterilize the cannabis waste blend. This blend can be used as a fuel for traditional power plants, cement kilns, gasification modules, or pyrolysis plants. 

GAIACA’s waste revitalization has been executed on 5 million pounds of cannabis waste so far. It’s estimated there are over 150 million tons of cannabis waste created each year nationwide. For now, GAIACA remains the sole patent holder for creating fuel from cannabis waste but with such high demand it’s certain others will enter the space. There’s just a handful of cannabis disposal companies right now including: Easy Waste Management, Cannabis Waste Solutions, and EcoWaste Industries, Ltd. Each of these disposal companies are behind the curve and will need to seek patents quickly if they want to exclude others from the industry as GAIACA now can. 

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Relevant Patent Documents

Patent US10876061  

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