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BayMedica Seeks More Cannabinoid Biosynthesis Claims

Z-ARCHIVE-Cannabis Patent Forecast®

February 18, 2021

BayMedica, Inc. received its first cannabinoid biosynthesis patent in November of 2020 and is now seeking further claims in a divisional application published in mid-February of 2021. Divisional applications allow for the claiming of an additional invention mentioned in the initial parent application and means the company may have bigger plans for the technology.

The cannabinoid biosynthesis space is growing quickly and gaining the interests of many investors. Since the process produces pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids every time without the contaminants often found in extracted products such as pesticides, it is the more appealing option for most brands looking to integrate cannabinoids into multiple products. InMed Pharmaceuticals, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company interested in developing rare cannabinoids to treat several diseases, and BayMedica announced a partnership in November of 2020 to integrate the biosynthesis technology the two have created. InMed Pharmaceuticals has one pending patent application for a cannabinoid biosynthesis process using a high-efficiency enzyme to catalyze the reaction. 

BayMedica and InMed Pharmaceuticals are among 30+ companies innovating in cannabinoid biosynthesis technology. Take a closer look at the space with a subscription to the Cannabis Patent Forecast®. Learn about the early assignees in the space and what lead they may have on BayMedica and InMed Pharmaceuticals. Start your free trial today!

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