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Why Should Teewinot Watch Newcomers in Cannabinoid Biosynthesizers?

Z-ARCHIVE-Cannabis Patent Forecast®

March 11, 2021

A commercialized process of cannabinoid biosynthesis could be worth a fortune in the coming years. Teewinot Life Sciences appears to have a notable lead in cannabinoid biosynthesizers patents, giving it an exclusive edge over competition to date. But a newcomer is on the horizon.  The Gonzales Research Group (GRG), a lab from the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering of the University of South Florida, has applied for its first cannabis patent in what has become a quickly growing space within cannabis - cannabinoid biosynthesis. Nearly every month, more patents and applications on cannabinoid biosynthesis are published, bringing in new-to-the-scene assignees. The invention by the GRG is for a method of creating polyketides using genetically engineered microorganisms - CBG being a possible product of the metabolic pathway - and uses genes taken from various species of microorganisms in order to have the necessary catabolic pathways for the creation of polyketides. 

But will GRG have what it takes to get the production process to a suitable output for the market’s present and future demands? The area has seen some acquisition, so partnerships with other universities or private institutions could be sought in the future. Cannabinoid Biosynthesis is still in its early stages with only more than a couple dozen patents having been granted thus far. Teewinot Life Sciences has received a dozen patents securing nearly half of all granted patents in cannabinoid biosynthesis. Purisys and Next Leaf Solutions are next behind Teewinot and have each secured two patents in cannabinoid biosynthesis.

It’s not yet certain whether the GRG has applied for further protection. We’ll be keeping an eye out for child applications through our Cannabis Patent Radian®. It is certain it has some competition and will need to develop further to come out on top.  

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