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CB Therapeutics Elevates Cannabinoid Biosynthesis Race

Z-ARCHIVE-Cannabis Patent Forecast®

April 29, 2021

Having made its first commercial sale of rare cannabinoids back in June of 2020, CB Therapeutics is continuing to stake its claims in cannabinoid biosynthesis, receiving its second patent on April 20, 2021. This patent discloses a process for increasing the yield of cannabinoids from genetically modified yeast which consists of the DNA to produce cannabinoids while suppressing genes for the production of other unneeded metabolites. CB Therapeutics’ synthesis platform has even succeeded at producing other high value molecules such as Psilocybin and DMT, which can be used for medicinal research.

CB Therapeutics began working with CFN Enterprises, Inc. in October of 2020 to increase its reach and to attract interested retailers and institutional investors using its PsyIndex, which tracks public and private sales of psychedelics, making this relationship impressively lucrative. 

While CB Therapeutics has put its sights on patents, it still falls behind cannabinoid biosynthesis leader Teewinot Life Sciences Corp. which possesses an impressive 12 patents for its CannSynthesis technology. Teewinot’s lead daunts the competition in cannabinoid biosynthesis with the next leaders including NextLeaf Solutions, Purisys, and Librede. NextLeaf has 3 granted patents in Cannabinoid Biosynthesis, while Purisys and Librede each have 2. Canavation Product Group acquired the consumer products division of Teewinot in October of 2019 which included U.S. Patent 7,399,872 for cannabinoid biosynthesis and is likely the reason behind its purchase. Librede was also acquired for its patent portfolio by Lygos. Purisys, a Noramco spin-off, recently became the provider for GB Sciences’ cannabinoid needs. GB Sciences is stepping away from plant-extracted cannabinoids to begin using synthesized ones provided by Purisys that are cleaner and cheaper.   

Cannabinoid Biosynthesis patents have a pretty price tag on them. Their industrial use and ease of integration all have a part to do with it. The space is still growing and doing so quickly. More M&A activity will be seen very soon, likely starting with these patent leaders such as Purisys and CB Therapeutics. Stay up-to-date with market developments in the cannabis sector using the Cannabis Patent Forecast®. Try it free here!      

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