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Canopy Growth Printing Cannabis Compositions for a Personalized Effect

Z-ARCHIVE-Cannabis Patent Forecast®

November 5, 2020

Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) wants you to be able to tailor your cannabis use to produce the effects you desire. To do this, they have invented a printable cannabinoid composition which also contains precise amounts of terpenes. 

In U.S. Patent No. 10,821,147 published November 3, 2020, and assigned to CGC, a method for making a printable ink composition containing cannabinoids and terpenes is disclosed. Cannabinoids can be chosen from the major cannabinoids of interest including THC, CBD, CBC, or THCV, and precisely printed to provide consistent doses of cannabinoids. 

CGC’s invention will help make strides in the ever-growing field of personalized medicine. A doctor can now tailor a medical marijuana treatment to a patient’s specific needs more precisely and effectively. Similar inventions include software and devices for choosing a specific cannabis cultivar to produce a desired effect. 

Endocanna Health, Inc. has invented a method for creating a personalized cannabinoid formulation recommendation by using one’s DNA to discover the best and most effective cannabinoids to use. Endocanna Health applied for this patent (U.S. Patent Pub. No. 20200327987) in October of 2018 and this appears to be the only published patent document from them so far. Others interested in personalized cannabis include the largest cannabis website Leafly, Green Relief, Origins Enterprise, and independent inventors. 

While many patent applications have been filed in the field of personalized cannabis, CGC's printable cannabis ink appears to be the only one granted to date. Explore the patent documents of companies and individuals involved in this category using the Magic Number® Cannabis Patent Forecast®. Start your free trial today!

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