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Consumer Sleep Technology

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Samsung to Sense your Snores

Consumer Sleep Technology Patent Forecast®

April 16, 2020

Samsung is a household name when it comes to electronics, including sleep related electronics. The company's Galaxy Watch series smartwatches include sleep tracking, similar to the watches of competitors including Fitbit and Apple. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 even goes so far as to include a stress meter based on heart rate variability. Buyers are also excited about the inclusion of ECG measurement in the watch, but the company recently confirmed that this feature would not be rolling out in Q1 2020 as originally announced.

What if your sleep is just a little more complicated? Samsung's newest sleep technology patent highlights a technology that you may want to put on your partner to solve an age-old argument - snore detection.

This patent teaches an electronic device to monitor biological measurements and detect snoring, and then provide feedback to the user. This feedback can include instructions regarding sleeping positions that did not lead to snoring. Based on the patent, Samsung seems to plan to incorporate this technology into their watches, but could also apply it elsewhere. In pillows, perhaps?

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent US10617364  

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