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Edge Computing

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Smart Patent Strategy Will Help Navio Develop Smart Cities

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

November 5, 2021

Navio International is a startup focused on developing Smart Cities with the use of stations that mount on the top of street lights. As opposed to new street lights with built-in sensors, Navio offers a product that mounts directly onto existing infrastructure and draws power from the street light. Navio only joined the edge computing sector in September with a published application, and they have a limited portfolio otherwise with only two issued patents.

Despite the small portfolio, Navio does have some white space to build within due to their smart city focused approach to edge computing and specifically the end station devices that are the core of Navio’s business. The stations offer traffic analysis, weather reporting, audio/visual for security, and other analytic features which could be useful for cities interested in exploring connected technologies without the investment in new infrastructure.

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