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Bayer Crop Sciences Dominates Pest Management - Is There Room for Others?

Hydroponics Patent Forecast®

June 15, 2021

Bayer Crop Sciences has built a portfolio of over 160 patent assets for pest management and is dominating THAT CATEGORY OF the hydroponics Patent Forecast®. While hydroponics systems generally don’t require pesticide use, Bayer Crop Sciences’ products are capable of being used in hydroponics systems in the event of a pest breakout. With a strong background in chemical sciences, Bayer has focused most of its attention on chemical pest management methods but does own a handful of patents for microbial pest control. Despite its strong patent position, Bayer may be facing some competition.

Syngenta, a leading global provider of agricultural science and technology, holds the second most patents in the pest management space, with a focus on chemical routes to control pests. Although Syngenta only has about half the number of filings that Bayer has, Syngenta has been active in the space in 2021, and both Bayer and Syngenta are targeting pest management involving heterocycles. In an already crowded space, the major players are targeting similar inventions, so is there any opportunity for others to get in? North Carolina State University (NCSU) is a distant 3rd place in pest control, with no new activity since 2019. Bayer Crop Science and NCSU set up a graduate fellowship program in 2013 but do not have any co-owned patents. 

Microbial additives may be the answer for small players in the space. Use of microbial additives to control pests is an area with much less activity - ten times less than the activity in chemical pest management. There are only a handful of patents in this space, many owned by Core Intellectual Properties - a holding company in Arizona - and Bayer Crop Sciences. Each owns three patents using Paenibaciilus to combat pests. The field is still relatively new, so it will be one to watch closely.

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