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Securities Tokenization

Securities Tokenization is related to tokenizing securities. The scope of analysis includes tokenizing assets on the blockchain and trading/transferring tokenized assets on the blockchain. This does not include trading whole assets on the blockchain, but rather trading fractional values of these assets. The assets to be tokenized can be financial assets (e.g., equities), or physical assets (e.g., gold). Chain Partners expects to see the Securities Token market size reach $2T by 2030 as more financial institutions enter and develop technology in this space.

Top 10 Corporate Owners

Issued Patent Count   
Published Application Count

Corporation Patents and Published Applications Count
1. Strong Force Intellectual Capital
2. Nasdaq, Inc.
3. Alibaba Group
4. IBM
5. Strike Protocols
6. nChain
7. Gemini Ip, Llc
8. Chicago Mercantile Exchange
9. Bank of America
10. Fidelity Investments

Spotlight Company in Securities Tokenization

BlockFrame Inc.

BlockFrame Inc. is a cybersecurity company with an emphasis on global blockchain security. They have created digital ledger technology for document security and supply chain management. They also frequently assist in the legislative process in regards to blockchain technology. BlockFrame Inc. is also in charge of the community-sourced Philo blockchain, a Tokenized project designed to offer public incentive for involvement that implements the Synchronous-Trust Consensus Model conceived by BlockFrame Inc. and funded by the State of Colorado. 

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Invention Categorization and Classification

Categorization and Classification Patents and Published Applications
  • Financial Assets
    445 Platform , 114 Debt Securities , 113 Equity Securities , 35 Derivatives
  • Physical Assets
    58 Energy , 56 Platform , 17 Real Estate , 9 Metals

    Recent Published Activity in Securities Tokenization as of May 29, 2024