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Smart Cities: Edge Computing

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Pure Storage Stealthily Takes the Lead in Edge Computing

Smart Cities: Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

June 4, 2020

Pure Storage, Inc. is an all-flash storage hardware and software company in Mountain View, CA. It was founded in 2009 and operated in stealth mode until it started announcing products in 2011. Now, Pure Storage might be taking a similar approach to enter the edge computing market. They were recently issued four patents on June 2nd that all had requests for non-publication and each has a child patent application claiming priority. These four new patents join their first patent in the space that was issued in March of this year to bring their total to five for the year. 

Even without knowing how many other pending patent applications that may exist due to the non-publication requests, the issued patents are significant because Pure Storage now has the most patents issued in 2020 over industry leaders such as Cisco, which has four issued patents so far for the year, and Intel, which has two issued patents. All of Pure Storage's patents are focused in the platform non-blockchain category and relate to storage solutions. After taking on and being successful against giants in the storage industry such as EMC, Pure Storage appears prepared to take advantage of the new sector of edge computing by rapidly expanding their portfolio in the space. 

See the quickly growing sector of Edge Computing here.  And don't forget to inspect the claims here.

Snapshot of Edge Computing Radian for 2020 with applications omitted

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent US10671302  

Patent US10671435  

Patent US10671408  

Patent US10671434  

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