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Smart Cities: Edge Computing

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Pure Storage is building an enviable IP portfolio in Edge computing. Hello Intel?

Smart Cities: Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

December 3, 2020

Pure Storage, Inc. is a storage hardware and software company based in Mountain View, CA. Pure Storage was highlighted in an insight earlier this year (2020) for being issued four patents on the same day in the Edge Computing sector, after having only one issued patent in the sector up to that point. Notably, all of the patents had non-publication requests, consistent with the stealth-mode strategy Pure Storage has used before. Pure Storage is continuing its strong push into Edge Computing with two patents issued on December 1st, 2020 and one patent issued on November 24th, 2020, bringing the company’s portfolio to eight (8) issued patents. 

All three of these newly issued patents fit within Pure Storage’s area of expertise with data and storage, but all three also highlight the usability of these solutions at the edge. The two most recent patents have to do with migrating workloads for better efficiency (US Patent No. 10,853,148) and efficient data forwarding through a plurality of nodes (US Patent No. 10,853,146). With Pure Storage also beating out expectations in revenue and finding strong growth in its subscription-based plan, it is no surprise to see the company utilizing that growth to further expand the technology sectors it is involved in. While Pure Storage’s patents are in a more niche market than companies like Intel or Cisco due to the latter companies focusing on more generalized edge computing solutions, Pure Storage is firmly setting itself up as a leader in the more niche market of utilizing edge computing in storage solutions and is finding great success in building a patent portfolio within the sector. 

Be sure to check out the Magic Number® Edge Computing Patent Forecast® to keep up-to-date with the newest patents being issued in the sector! Also, take a look at the Patent Matrix® for Pure Storage’s most recent patents, US Patent No. 10,853,148 and US Patent No. 10,853,146!


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