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Smart Cities: Traffic Control

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TomTom Opening the Door to Open-source Apps

Smart Cities: Traffic Control Patent Forecast®

February 4, 2021

As mentioned in our insight from December 2020, we were looking forward to future TomTom partnerships, after its partnership with Electrobit. We didn’t have to wait long. TomTom has made a deal with multiple partners by joining the Autoware Foundation and making its map technology and delivery service available to Autoware’s open-source community. Autoware members include LG, WIPRO, Intel, Hitachi, Flir Systems, and Tata. Check how their portfolios compare in the accompanying Patent Forecast®.

TomTom will create a turnkey open-source interface to TomTom AutoStream to enable users and developers of Autoware to scale their applications by accessing TomTom’s global coverage of high definition maps. Nice move. You can keep track of these companies and more developments with the Smart Cities: Traffic Patent Forecast®. 

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