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Smart Cities: UAVs

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Wing Does Not Like the New Drone ID Rule. Who Owns that Space?

Smart Cities: UAVs Patent Forecast®

January 14, 2021

Wing Aviation said the FAA’s new rule for UAVs to radio broadcast remote ID messages for tracking will have “unintended negative privacy impacts for business and consumers.” The rule replaces the requirement that the UAVs transmit location data via the Internet. Wing added that “an observer tracking a drone can infer sensitive information about specific users, including where they visit, spend time, and live and where customers receive packages from and when.”

Nonetheless, Wing has patented an ID broadcast system. So has Amazon and two small companies - Rumfert and Uavionix. Then, there’s Raytheon, who has ID patents with UAV tolling.  (Can toll “roads” be imposed on UAVs?) 

Who’s going to own the UAV ID space? Who’s going to scoop up Rumfert and Uavionix? You can find some possible answers to these and other compelling questions by subscribing to our UAV Management Patent Forecast®. 

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