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Smart Cities: UAVs

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UAV 2020 Annual Update - No Signs of Fatigue from DJI

Smart Cities: UAVs Patent Forecast®

January 21, 2021

DJI did not slow down their patent filings in 2019 as shown by the publication of patent applications in 2020 continuing unabated. IBM appeared to slow some, but LG Electronics has come to an almost complete stop.  Is LG just taking a breather? Or have they gone into stealth mode? Or have they run out of good ideas? Watch out for sector fatigue, where a company has exhausted its inventive capacity or doesn’t think investments are warranted. Patent Forecast® makes it easy to spot the trends and show them to investors, managers, and directors. Inform everyone without anesthetizing them with spreadsheets. Start a free trial today, or contact us for a custom sector for your next presentation.

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