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Biodegradable Packaging

Cj Cheil Jedang

"To practice consumer-oriented management with the DNA of change and innovation, and transform itself into a global lifestyle company that is able to create health, joy and convenience."

What is a food company doing in the top 10 biodegradable packaging innovators? Vertically integrating. CJ Cheil Jedang is a South Korean food company based in Seoul that manufactures food ingredients, food, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.  CJ Cheil Jedang produces many products through bacterial fermentation, including lactic acid, which is used in the food industry as pH regulator, a preservative and as a flavoring agent. However, lactic acid is also used to make poly-lactic acid, a biodegradable bioplastic used in packaging. Recently (2016) CJ Cheil Jedang bought Metabolix Inc.'s patent portfolio directed towards another bioplastic, polyhydroxyalkanoate. So it looks like CJ Cheil Jedang is vertically integrating its industry by moving into the bioplastics business, which is a synergistic fit, as it has the expertise to produce the biopolymers and also an in-house demand for food packaging products. 

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