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Microsoft Excel (XLSX) Download

The Magic Number database is constantly updating as new documents are published. Each time you download the Excel with this link, the latest information is compiled for you into a single report. Subscribers have access to download the latest data any time an updated spreadsheet is needed.

Javascript Object Notation (JSON) Download

Patent Forecasts are also available to download in a structured data format for use in your advanced analytics or software applications. To schedule delivery of JSON, please email support@patentforecast.com.

Application Program Interface (API) Access

Magic Number is designed as a modern RESTful service, and we can provide direct API access if you would like to integrate our dataset into your application to get automatic refreshes and automation. To get started with your API integration, please email support@patentforecast.com.

Data Dictionary

The Magic Number Excel format provides a Header Row to describe the data contained in each column. This is the description of each column:


USPTO_Apps or USPTO_Issued


Document Number. For Applications, this is the Application Serial Number. For Patents, this is the issued patent number.


Within the Patent Forecast, Our team provides two levels of classification. The highest level is called a 'Category'. In some cases, a document can have multiple categories, separated by commas.


The second level of classification is called a 'Tag'. A document can have multiple tags, separated by commas.


The title of the invention, as written by the inventor.


A Hyperlink to the USPTO Full Text database to retrieve the full document text in original format.

PMD Link

A Hyperlink to the Magic Number Patent Matrix® Diagram that speeds up claims analysis and research.


A Hyperlink to the USPTO Portable Document Format scan of the application or patent, which includes the figures and original cover sheet.

Google Link

A Hyperlink to Google Patents

Appl Num

The Application Serial Number assigned that can be used to pair up an Application and an Issued Patent.

Core Assignee Name

Magic Number regularly scans the Assignments database to watch for change of ownership of intellectual property. The Core Assignee is our representation of a corporation or firm that currently owns a patent or application.

Core Assignee Stem

Magic Number disambiguates corporate entities that may have different spelling, spacing, or punctuation. The Stem is the shortest unique representation of a Core Assignee.


The individuals named as inventors when the application was filed or the patent issued.

Filing Date

In format YYYY-MM-DD

Issue/Publication Date

In format YYYY-MM-DD

CPC Classification

Cooperative Patent Classification, assigned by USPTO Examiners.


High level description of the invention, in English.